Meet the Dankos!

We are a family of seven. We have owned the Floating Star since it was built in 2007, and have loved every second of it! We all enjoy every water sport, be it wake surfing, kneeboarding, slalom skiing, or wakeboarding.

Don and Kim grew up outside of Youngstown Ohio. Since 1997 we found ourselves about as far from Youngstown as we could be and still be in Ohio. Now we hail from Cincinnati, OH.  Our family is comprised of a RF engineer, dental hygienist, two recent electrical engineering graduates who created the newest Danko in 2017, a recent chemical engineering graduate, and a college freshman. We are Youngstown State Penguins, Wright State Raiders, Alabama Crimson Tide, and an Ohio State Buckeye! Our newest family addition came into the world 2 summers ago making Don and Kim first time grandparents. We continue to grow with another grandchild due in January of 2020!

We are so excited to have you stay at the Floating Star!