Everyone likes to save money. We tried advertising and other ways to get our rental house information out. We found the best way is to provide an impeccably maintained house at a competitive price. We know every vacation can be a source of family memories for decades to come so we try to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Word of mouth is the best advertising. We dropped our membership with VRBO because of what we thought was unfair pricing structure. They started charging a booking fee ($300 or more for a week) to the renter along with charging us a fee for each booking through extra add on fees. This was ultimately adding a few hundred dollars to the overall cost for our renters.

We have a few different discount programs we offer which include:

  • Return renters: earn $25 every night you stay off your next stay in the same or the next calendar year. Stay 7 nights this year you will get $175 off your next stay.
  • Refer-a-friend: Works the same way as the return renter but you earn $25 for every renter you refer. Make sure someone lets us know that you sent them before they book!
  • Fill-the-gap: Fill a gap between renters (less than 7 nights) and you’ll get the same per night cost as if you were staying all week. For example if two consecutive weekends are booked you can take the days between for the discounted price of $421 instead of the regular $490 (plus tax).
  • Stay an entire week: The per night rate is $490 (off season $425) but if you stay a week your discount would put you at $421 (off season $328) per night. All prices do not include tax.
  • Beat the increase: Book before Jan 1st of the new year and beat the increase for the next year. Basically, we hold our prices steady until Jan 1st. All contracts after Jan 1st are at the new published rate.

Be aware; some floating homes charge $150 to $200 cleaning fee on top of their rental fee. Our per night fee includes everything except tax.

BTW: Our cleaning crew charges $150 per cleaning.