The Floating Star is the perfect size to meet the needs of any family. With over 1300 square feet of living space and an additional 500 square feet of deck space, it is a cozy home with plenty of room to spread out. Not to mention, it has the best view in the neighborhood.

Floating on the water doesn’t limit this home. Sitting in 50 feet of water, it features all of the same amenities that any home on land would have, including: central air conditioning and heat, a full size kitchen, washer and dryer, and two full bathrooms.

The Floating Star is nestled in a floating home neighborhood inside a no-wake zone deep on a finger at Norris Lake. There is very little boat traffic. This allows your family to swim and float around the house without any fears. As you pull up to the house, you will notice that there are places to tie up on all four sides of the house. The full railings with locking gates give the peace of mind you need for little ones.

The View


This is the best part of the house. The view from the porch and upper deck are absolutely breathtaking. It will have you feeling as though you are in paradise.

The Porch


The porch is the perfect way to relax in the afternoon. With an amazing view, a table set, and room to lounge, it doesn’t get much better than this.

The Upper Deck


This is the perfect place to lay out in the sun and enjoy your day. With three lounge chairs, there is plenty of room for you to lay out. For the best dinner view, have dinner on the upper deck table set!

The Entryway


This house is quite spacious, yet everything is very easily accessible. All bedrooms and the hallway bathroom are located off of the main hallway.

The Living Room


When you walk through the door, you are greeted by an open living area in which you may gather together. There are couches and a 40 inch TV where you can watch local channels or choose one of our many movies to enjoy in the evenings.

The Kitchen


This kitchen is stocked with everything you would need including: pots, pans, plates, cups, silverware, and utensils. Whether you are in the mood to bake cupcakes or a delicious pasta, we have what you need. In the mood to grill? Step out onto the porch and grill away on our gas grill!

“The Picket-Fence Room”


Inspired by the crisp white headboard and the floral bedspread, this sunny room is the first bedroom that you will come to. With a queen size bed and a closet to hang your belongings, it is the perfect place to rest your head.

“Juliana’s Room”


This room is named after our daughter, and features a cozy queen size bed. It also has a dresser for you to stow your belongings. This room will make you feel like a princess, just like its namesake.

The Hallway Bathroom


This spacious full bathroom is easily accessible to anyone in the house. There is plenty of counter space for all of your toiletries. Whether you want to take a quick shower or a relaxing bath, this bathroom will meet your needs.

The Master Suite


The master suite lives up to its name. With a luxurious queen bed, you will certainly sleep like a king. If you aren’t quite ready to sleep, there is a TV on which you may watch whatever you like until you begin to doze. There is also a dresser in which you may place your things.

The Master Bath


The master bath is available directly off of the master suite. It features a shower with a bench and a mirror that pulls away to reveal a cabinet for your personal items.

The Loft


This open room is the perfect place to for kids to spend the night. It features two queen beds and a full futon. There is also a TV on which you may watch movies or play our childhood favorite video games on the PS2.

Perfect water sports


This is the perfect lake and location to find that great water for any sport.

Relax after a long day


By all means, tell the kids to eat on the lower deck and enjoy a quiet dinner upstairs. While you’re at it have them clean up the kitchen to buy you an extra 30 minutes.